Zibbet finds of the week - Hedgehogs

A while ago I was on my way to the train station early in the morning. I am less than awake at 5.30 am and noises in the dark make me startle easily, even more so when it's foggy. Never know when that Jack the Ripper will turn up again, eh?
This time it was a soft rustling that made me jump. It was not old Jack, though. Instead a quite impressively big hedgehog made his way towards me in the street.
Even though there are not many cars around at that time of day, I didn't feel good about the little dude hanging out on the street, so I made a few fast steps into his direction. They did the trick and he disappeared through the garden door behind him.
Today's Zibbet finds of the week are in honor of this hedgehog who is hopefully busy stuffing his belly to get ready for winter.

Hedehog window card by Inkspirational Designs

Ceramic hedgehog bell by Molinukas

Hedgehog love personalized winter ornament by The Brick Kiln

Gray hedgehog mittens by Ateszter

Rustic Christmas ornament by Redpin


  1. nice hedgehogs! :) thank you for put my christmas ornament with hedgehog :)