Zibbet finds of the week - Halloween

I love Halloween. I don't live in an area where much is happening on Halloween, but in the last years more children go from house to house for Trick or Treat. The first year some kids actually rang the bell, I was completely unprepared. My place and no chocolate? Unbelievable, but true.
Last year I went out in the evening and took along some goodies to make sure I had something if I met children on the way. I almost had to run after one group that didn't show much enthusiasm. They probably wondered who that crazy chocolate swinging lady was!

I could have spent hours on Zibbet to look for more unusual Halloween items and I brought you some favorites to look at.

Skeleton zombie playing guitar steel sculpture by Zed's Zombie Ranch
Also check out his Kickstarter that's running right now.

Winter Witch Queen Mask by Metamorphoses Masks

Pumpkin brooch, pencil jewelry by Jen Maestre

Vladimir the Vampire Mouse by The House of Mouse

Skeleton in a bubble bath by De-Lightful Minis by MiniDe
Embroidered table runner with witch and owl by Embroidered Dreams

Are you in the mood now? I sure am!


  1. What spooky finds! Great blog post.

  2. Cool finds! I hope you will have many trick or treaters coming by this year!!

  3. Great blog with lots of great Zibbet Halloween finds! :)