Zibbet finds of the week - Ballet

The other day I watched the first part of a documentary about ballet. Of course I missed the other parts, but that's not the point. One of the dancers said something like "the audience is supposed to see the elegance and effortlessness when there is really hard work behind this".

I went through Zibbet to find a little of the ballet magic and this is what I brought you with a wink in the eye. Have fun!

Needle felt kangaroo ballerina Hip Hop by Conchy Gem Dolls

"Alejandra the Rebel Ballerina" print by Art By A Fox

Ballet oil painting by Art Is

Sterling silver ballet dancer necklace by Dalia Shamir Jewelry

Degas' Two Dancers On A Stage soap by Sky Rain Soap

Ballet shoes coin purse by Zoë's Bag Boutique


  1. thanks so much for including my coin purse in your feature this week!

  2. De Gas is one of my favourite painters of the Impressionists era and I love to watch the ballet, although I have to watch it alone and on the telly! My daughter did ballet lessons for years and has fabulous deportment as a result. My cousin (family history comment!) was a dance teacher in the 80's and her feet always used to make me feel ill they were so calloused and gnarled, all because of ballet, but she loved to dance.

    1. It has to be a passion to keep it up, I'm sure!

  3. Beautiful finds! Thank you for including my dancer necklace!