Zibbet finds of the week - Eat your veggies

An everlasting subject? Eat your vegetables or they will be no dessert. You have to eat your vegetables, they are good for you. When I was your age, I always ate my spinach.
If you think that is only a subject between grown-ups and kids, you are wrong and have never had the celery salad discussion. I don't want to go deeper into that because I have a severe celery trauma while I can never get enough of spinach.

The sun is shining, so I thought I'd take a little stroll through the Zibbet garden. Who knows, maybe I'll find your favorite vegetable?

How about some broccoli? This print would look great in your kitchen!

Broccoli portrait print by Chavah's Garden

You know I don't even know if I ever ate turnip, but this little fellow not only caught my eye, but also made me smile.

Whimsical card by Understand Blue

When I walked through the garden, I also came upon this romantic scene ... shhh, let's not disturb them ...

Love is blind original watercolor by Gerushia's New World

No, not tomato soup. Tomato soap! I wonder if it's difficult to resist taking a bite ...

Handmade tomato soap by Rundell Farm Soaps

How about corn on the ring instead of on the cob? What a smart design!

Fine silver PMC corn ring by Lynn Cobb

So, did it work? Are you ready to eat your veggies NOW?

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  1. What a healthy and tasty blog post! Thank you for including my watercolor "Love is Blind." Miss. Carrot appreciates it too!

    Gerushia's New World