Zibbet finds of the week - Spring, oh spring!

In 1829 Eduard Mörike, a Swabian poet, wrote a poem, one of the most quoted spring poems. Spring does special things to people. Of course for me that special thing is usually spring fever. I have no problems to jump from hibernation to spring fever in a second.
In my area we didn't have a real winter this time, there was only a bit of snow once, but I know that others were almost buried in snow, so I'll dedicate this to you.
Now it's time to head over to Zibbet and look for spring things.

What would spring be without

... the first butterflies?

Blue beaded butterfly necklace by Enchanted Craft

... bees buzzing in our gardens?

Honey soap with a bee by Sky Rain Soap

... the first colorful flowers?

Spring Garden handbag by Beautiful Bags Etc.

... warm rays of sun?

Sun gourd bowl by AngelsGourden

... the first ice cream of the year?

Vanilla ice cream hairclip by Hair Ribbon Boutique

... fresh green leaves?

Nature mini photograph print leaves by Amelia Kay Photography

Happy spring!

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