Zibbet finds of the week - Mugs, mugs, mugs

I was sitting here staring at my keyboard and waiting for an inspiration for today's topic when my eye caught the huge mug full of Swiss white chocolate milk - mmm, creamy - on my desk.
The next problem was to choose from all the great mugs I found on Zibbet, so many more there, you should check them out!
Let's see what I've got for you first, though, okay?

WC Fields. What a brilliant idea and so beautifully made!

Beer stein face mug by Big Sky Artworks

Imagine you get up in the morning, still slightly grumpy (unless you are one of those incredible natural early birds) and see this. Wouldn't that cheer you up?

Couples coffee mugs by Just A Brush And Paint

I love red cardinals, they are beautiful. So is this mug. I know I'd love to look at one of these happy little fellows in the morning!

Handmade red cardinal mug by Judy B Freeman

No post with a cat, eh? ;-) You can't blame me, my cat mom heart is beating a little faster looking at this mug!

Cat mug by Organic Flame

If you want a more classic look, I have this mug set for you. I really like the marbled turquoise effect, and they look big enough to hold all the coffee, tea or cocoa you need.

Ceramic mug set by River Rock Arts

This porcelain mug is made from a thin slab of porcelain clay, definitely something I haven't seen before, and very pretty!

Porcelain coffee mug by Elizabeth Burtt Fine Porcelain

As always I hope you enjoyed our little walk through the world of Zibbet, see you soon for more finds of the week!


  1. What fun finds! Thanks, Cat, for including my WC Fields stein.

  2. some cool mugs you found Cat! That should inspire me to a good cup of tea.