Zibbet finds of the week - Monsters

Do you remember the monsters under your bed or in your wardrobe? For me it were the monsters in the hallway. If the door was open, I could see them out there right from my bed. Of course in the light of day they were just jackets and scarves hanging there, but in the shadows those jackets made for some very unique and scary monsters.
Today I decided to go for a little monster safari on Zibbet.

My first stop was at a place which is some kind of meeting point for monsters. It was hard to pick just one, but I couldn't resist Gumball's grin.

Handmade monster plushie by Creatures Northwest

Who could guard your little one's crayons better than a bunch of monsters? This crayon roll is not only useful, but also so cute!

Monsters crayon roll by Millions of Stitches

Let's stick with cute for the next item. Come on, admit it, you would like to have your own bath monster buddy, wouldn't you? They come in different colors, too.

Soap saver by BBs for Babies

This necklace is really something else. It made me laugh out loud, so much fun! "Until he eats your brains" as is stated in the description .... better to always keep an eye on him!

Zombie plush monster necklace by Sideways Eight

Last but not least I want you to welcome an adorable little yeti. I'm so in love with  him, but also with his yeti fellows. You really should take a look at Jodie's shop. I am sure you will fall in love, too.

Yeti "Snowflake" by Wishsong Creations

I hope you enjoyed our little monster safari. It's good to know not all monsters are big and bad, right?