Zibbet finds of the week - Snow

Snow, snow, go away ... just kidding, we don't have any snow here. Excuse me while I'll be knocking on wood for a while. I'm not a fan of snow on the streets and even less so when I have to go back to work soon.
I do like looking at snow items, though, so I brought you some from Zibbet.

Nothing like a hot beverage when you come in from the cold, and it's an extra if you drink it from a beautiful mug, in this case with an original photo which makes it even more special.

Coffee mug with a photo of an evergreen spruce tree by JD Lord

And how about some cookies with your hot chocolate or chai or tea? Aren't these ones perfect for that in the middle of the winter?

Snow Princess / Ice Queen Crown cookies by Storybook Bakery

I know it is a bit too late - or very early - for stocking fillers, but I couldn't resist this little fellow's smile. He might even be able to help me over my childhood snow trauma (related to very scratchy woolly tights when I was a kid, you could not get them on or off well if you were wet because someone made you sit in the snow)!

Amigurumi snowball by Daisy & her Things

You get tiny snowmen on your wrist with this fun macrame bracelet. So cute!

Snow day macrame bracelet by handmade Fuzzy

Ok, I can't help myself, I have to go for sweet items today. Can you imagine this little snowman in your bathroom? He does bring a surprise with him, you know. Use him under water and he gets all soapy!

Snowman GumDrop Needle Felted Soap by Iguana Make It

I'm sure you'll go aww over the last item as well. I know I did over this adorable little jumper!

Let it snow dress, size 6 months, by Artsy Crafty


  1. awesome snowball! And I love the mug. actually I love everything here, nice picks.

    1. Thank you! Virtual snow is the best ;-)

  2. You found some really good choices to share! Thanks for including my snowman soap! If any readers here are interested, they can use CATSWIRE coupon code for 15% off. :)
    Now to look around at the other goodies!

    1. You are very welcome! The snowman soap is SO on my wishlist!

  3. Awesome collection! Thank you for including our cookies!! That dress is adorable, as well. I wish my girls were tiny again so they could fit in it! :)

    1. You are welcome!
      The dress is cute. There are lots of toddler dresses on Zibbet that make me even wish I was a toddler again! Well, not really, but maybe that my friend's baby was a girl ;-)