Zibbet finds of the week - Triangles

I have a confession to make. I pretty much sucked at geometry in school. Not as much as at algebra, but still. I had to wiggle my way through. Math escapes me. I think as soon as I had finished school, all knowledge about math flew out through my ear, happy to finally be free.
Nevertheless I'm fascinated by geometric shapes. Seems I don't need to be able and prove why this side is longer than that one or worry about good old Pythagoras.
Today I went on hunt for triangles and I caught a few for you to enjoy.

This unique cowl that reminds me of a shingleback skink - that is a compliment because I think those skinks are really cool - is crocheted from fine mohair and can be found at Reflections By DS.

Brighter and modern looking is this tote from Smoochic Designer Handmade Handbags by Ann Lewis. Fuschia and black, definitely an attention getter!

I'm a nut for miniatures, they make me go squee a lot, no matter if they are knitted, sewn, crocheted, made from leather, glass, clay or, like in this case, wood. Isn't the little corner table adorable?
Calico Jewels Miniatures has more of these treasures, too!

Artisan Glasscrafts says: "Who says plates have to be round or square. How about a triangle." True indeed!

A little boat of silver on a triangular kyanite rock is making it through the waves, what a stunning and unusual design! You can find it at Zilvera.

The last piece I want to show you today is a beautiful tiny keepsake box beaded by from tiny Delicas. Being a beadworker myself I know how much work goes into something like this ... and I adore the little lampwork handle!
Have a look at The Canary Blossom Boutique for more beauties.

This post is dedicated to my math teacher in the 7th to 9th grade. He was lovely and I'm still sorry I was such a disappointment.


  1. I bet you use maths when making your beautiful creations - estimation at the very least? I love that knitted mohair...stunning.