Zibbet finds of the week - Books

I can't point it out often enough, and my friends are probably getting tired of me already.
I love books and I'm a dinosaur. I hate audiobooks and I don't see myself owning an e-reader. Yes, I do know, you don't have to hold a heavy book, it's great to take along on vacations and you can have 384635435465 books on your reader. As long as I have space for my books, however, all of that doesn't convince me - for myself, that is. It's a strictly personal decision.

That was the reason why I chose handmade books for my post today. As you might know, I'm a librarian, and in my first year I actually learned how to make a book. It was huge and fat and had empty pages, and I never used it for anything which is a shame. Right now I wouldn't even know where to find it, but it didn't look all that bad for a first (and last).
And of course my friend Liesan was an inspiration for this as well. You can find her on Tumblr if you want to have a look at her bookbinding journey.

Enough talk, let's look at some beautiful images of beautiful books instead.

Handmade leather journal by mychimelle

Coptic stitch blank book in faux leather or fun pattern paper by Bliss

Handmade journal with hand dyed cover and pages by Rachel's Jazzy Creations

Light brown vegan faux leather journal by Bound By Hand

Handmade linen journal with vintage cotton lace by Arts Books

Handmade mini art journal by ExiArtsConceptWorlds

Brown suede mini book pendant by Glass Map Books


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    1. Thank you! It was difficult to pick from all the different shops!