Finds of the week - Llamas

Inspired by the intro of one of my favorite movies - and let me say that the five is right out - my subject for today are llamas.

This choice limits the length of the post somewhat, but I think the items themselves that I found on Zibbet will make up for that.

Cabin Hollow has more than one llama to offer. Mailbox topper, key rack, welcome sign or paper towel holder, it's a whole herd.
They are made from steel and powder coated, and there's a lot more of farm art available, too!
This one is a mailbox topper.

The button available in the shop of Portable Graffiti shows the print of an antique etching. Now that's someone not everyone is wearing on his denim jacket (that's how I wear my favorite buttons) which makes it special.

From antique print to an antique hand colored Victorian engraving "The Llama" that you can find at Petit Poulailler. I don't know if it's just me, but does it look as if it has claws? Hey, that was 1850 after all, they didn't know everything then.

Now that we know what the animal looks like, let's have a closer look at their wool and something that is made from it.
The guanaco is one of the wild forefathers of the domesticated llama. This is guanaco spinning fiber from the undercoat, you can find it at Brush Creek Wool Works.

A new shop on Zibbet are the Sugar River Llamas. It's not hard to see that this shops's items revolve around llamas, it was very hard, however, to pick just one.
This hat with the many llamas is my favorite for sure!

Thank you for travelling to South America with Cat's Wire, I hope you enjoyed your trip even if there were no peanuts, and I'll be able to welcome you on board again soon ;-)

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