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I wasn't a flower child myself, but being born in the mid-60s today's movie still gives me a flashback of my childhood. Who needs a believable story if they can have fun? Of course I rather do like roadmovies anyway, and I do love this movie.

1989. Hardcore FBI agent John Buckner is supposed to escort old hippie Huey Walker to jail for an offence from 20 years ago. Things do not quite go the way as they are planned. Huey escapes from the train in John's clothes, John ends up in jail and Huey gets himself abducted by two guys mourning the loss of the 60s because they think that he is the FBI man and want to exchange him for their hero.
When the two go down to the cellar where they keep him tied up, they agree on disguising their voices, so he won't recognize them from the bar where they met earlier ...

Barry (talking in a funny voice): We're gonna exchange you for Huey Walker.
Huey: I can't believe this. I've been abducted by the Vienna Boys' Choir!
Barry: Ah-ah, we're desperate men!
Huey (imitating Barry's voice): Well, you sound more like desperate women!
Barry (in a deep voice): Don't push it, buddy.

Flashback, USA, 1990

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