Finds of the week - Socks

Wait, wait, wait ... you think socks are boring? Have a look at what I found on Zibbet this week and then we'll talk about that again, ok?

Let's start with these adorable baby booties that Ticc's Designs offers in different colors.

How about making socks and shoes into one? Aren't they too cute for words?? Geseke Designs can make these in all sizes, too!

Needful Things Of Salem brings you hand knit cabled socks. Even if we don't feel it yet, winter is sure to come, and how can we keep our feet from getting cold in a better way than with socks like these?

Party time! That's what the boot socks made by Vermont Homespun are called. They are made to order and there are lots of other colors to choose from!

I don't do yoga, but the yoga dance socks with the contrasting beads are so pretty! You can find them at the Mystic Bazaar.

This was just a little peek at what Zibbeters have got to offer. Why not have a look for yourself?


  1. I love socks!! Can't wait for it to get cool so I can wear them again...great collection!!

  2. Thanks for including the Party Time Socks in this cozy collection! I'm wearing a pair of the boot socks right now :)

    1. You are welcome! They do look so cozy.

  3. Cat, tsk, tsk. Socks never were, never have been and never will be boring. As you know, I am a sock freak and I lurve me some socks!

    This is a wonderful assortment you've featured here - creative, lovely and fun - they've got it all!

    1. I know you are a sock freak, and I bet you are not the only one out there!

      Thank you, Dawn.