Finds of the week - Ocean

It's summer, and many people are getting ready for a trip to the sea. The ocean is covering up 71% of the Earth's surface, but only about 5% of it has been explored. To me it is fascination and fear at the same time meaning that as much as I am fascinated by the wonders of the ocean, there is no chance of me ever being a diver.
As a kid I studied the colored illustrations of deep sea fish in our old encyclopedia over and over again. When we had to put together a "magazine" in German class, our group made one about animals, and I had a long article about sharks in there. At the library I read up on sharks and hated that someone had cut out all the photos. Then there was the story about Jacques Piccard diving into the Mariana Trench.
When I stood at the Pacific for the first time, however ... I can't even describe the feeling, so let's just say looking out on that incredible body of water, imagining what was in there, overwhelmed me and has ever since.

Long story cut a bit shorter, I went through Zibbet once again, this time browsing items inspired by the ocean while sitting on a very dry spot on the first floor of the house I live in. You won't need a diving suit, either ... ;-)

You can always grab my attention with a moon which in this case shines on a beautiful lampwork bead by Beads and Botanicals. I love the contrast between the moon, the dark sky, and look at the motion in the water!

If you can't get to the ocean, bring the ocean to you ... with this scented bar of soap called "Cool water splash" by The Soap Garden. I almost feel as if I can smell it!

This cuff was inspired by snorkling in the coral reefs and made in Sterling silver by Zahour Color. Isn't it beautiful?

In the shop of Mary Ellen Golden I found this sweet giclee print featuring freshly hatched turtle babies on their way to the ocean.

The perfect ending for this post is the gorgeous "Blue Ocean Waves" photo taken by Island Images Prideaux. Can you imagine looking at this while sitting in your office and allow yourself to dream for a bit? I can!

Are you planning a trip to the ocean this summer yourself? Why don't you tell us about it!


  1. Nice picks! I'm not much of a swimmer, but I do enjoy going to the beach once in a while. And with the hot temps rolling in this week, your collection here is pleasantly refreshing.

    1. Neither am I, but I liked to walk along and look for shells and smell the air.
      There's no beach nearby here, so I have to live from the memories.