Finds of the week - Look to the rainbow

What is a rainbow? According to Wikipedia it's an optical and meteorological phenomenon. Boooring.
For many of us rainbows have that bit of magic. How else could it be explained that people who have seen hundreds of rainbows throughout their lives still call others to have a look if they see one? Maybe it's because we all need some color in our life.
Did you know by the way that two little bluebirds made the first rainbow? If you don't believe me, you can find the tale from the Ojibwe Nation here.

Let's see what rainbows I could find for you on Zibbet, shall we?

This little fellow is so cute, I almost can't stand it. One of my favorite animals in rainbow colors? I love it!!

Rainbow Squidgy by Clew in Hand

This hand felted cosmetics pouch that you can also use for other things is made from a colorful yarn. Isn't it beautiful how the felting seems to have made the colors fade into each other?

Hand felted cosmetics pouch by The Blue Coat

Brighter in color is this fun resin ring with lots of sprinkles. It would be wonderful for a young girl with its heart shape, too!

Sprinkle heart resin ring by Fashion Candy

Sooo tiny and cute is another unique piece of jewelry that I found, a rainbow origami crane necklace. I think they are adorable.

Miniature origami rainbow crane necklace by CMC Creations

When talking about rainbows we can't forget a lady who is striving to bring you dancing ones to your home. It was a tough choice to pick one of her suncatchers!

Suncatcher "Tropical Fruit Salad" by Dancing Rainbows

Let me end this post with a song that I love very much from a movie that I like a lot. Welcome Petula Clark and Fred Astaire in "Finian's Rainbow".

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