Finds of the week - Here comes the sun

Although I'm quite the little sunshine myself - erm, if I don't rant, am grumpy, hungry or tired *cough cough* - I have a love/hate relationship with the sun. At the pool I was the kid sitting under a tree, I don't choose the park bench in the open sun (actually I'm not even allowed to due to medical reasons), I shrivel up and die in the heat. Well, technically that's not true, but it sure feels like it.
This post is dedicated to the sun. Dear Sun, no hard feelings, eh?

ACEO original painting "Summer" by Sandra Lock
Large smiling sun face by Having An Art Attack
Sun burst table topper by Cedar Point Designs
Mosaic lazy Susan "Sun" by Heather MBC
Watercolor original pocket mirror with felt case by Portable Graffiti
The Sun Shines suncatcher by 1 Of A Kind Chimes
Sun and Nature papier mache art by Otil Rotcod

Now that I celebrated the sun do you think I can have some rain? Please?


  1. You can have our rain...gladly!!! Great choices!

    1. We got some by now, did you get our sun? If not, I don't know where he ran off to! ;-)
      I really had fun picking all of these, thank you!