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I have been asked when the quotes of the week will be back, and obliging as I am ... ok, I am sitting here waiting to let my cats out of their horrible prisons (can you hear Ponder wailing?), hoping the electrician will have finished soon (encountering unpredicted difficulties, poor man) and re-weaving. I thought it would be nice to listen to a movie while doing that and picked a movie made after a book that I love very much and that makes me laugh out loud. I actually have tears in my eyes from watching how they ... no, I might use that in a future post.
So, the book is "Three men in a boat" by Jerome K. Jerome, the movie is - who would have guessed - "Three men in a boat". For those who didn't get it yet, I'll repeat the title at the end of the post, as always with a link to the IMDB.

Three men want to go for a boat ride on the Thames, Jerome, Harris and George ... and of course there's Montmorency, the dog.
The adventure starts with the train, however. I have vast train experiences as you might remember, so this is the scene I picked.

Jerome: The 11:05 for Kingston?
1st porter: 11:05 for Kingston? Number 2, sir.
2nd porter: Number 2? That's the Windsor Loop. You want Number 1, sir.
1st porter: Number 1 is the Reigate Stopping, so I hear.
Jerome (asking the traffic supervisor): The 11:05 for Kingston?
Traffic supervisor: Oh, yes, indeed. Well, I was just talking to a man who said he'd seen it on Number 3. He was almost positive about that. Otherwise, there's a body of opinion which leans toward the eye-level platform for the Kingston train. Though, in my opinion, sir, that is the Southampton Express.
2nd porter: They don't know, sir. You follow me.
Jerome: Thank you. Monty, come along.

Jerome (at the train): I'm sorry to trouble you. But are you the 11 *steam hissing*... the 11:05 for Kingston?
Train driver: Couldn't rightly say. I might be and then again I might not be. If I'm not, I'm the 9:32 for Virginia Water, or the Guilford local.
Jerome (handing the train driver some money in an inconspicuous way): Could you please be the 11:05 for Kingston?
Train driver: Well, some train's got to go to Kingston, innit? Thank you very kindly, sir. 11:05 to Kingston it is.
Jerome: Thank you very much. (goes to meet Harris)

Harris: This is the Exeter Mail, apparently.
Jerome: Well, it might be. Then again, it might not.

Jerome (as narrator): And so the railway system which has made England the envy of the world brought us to Kingston.

Half of the fun for me is Tim Curry playing Jerome and narrating, by the way.

Three Men in a Boat, United Kingdom, 1975 (TV movie)

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