Finds of the week - Lotus

The Indian or Sacred Lotus is not only beautiful, but is also a divine symbol for purity in Asian traditions (this is of course but a very short description of its meaning).
These pictures were taken in 2009 when we visited the wonderful Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. They also inspired me for today's finds of the week post. All the following items can be found on Zibbet.

Let's start with a truly unique piece, a beautiful 3D origami vas by the 3D Origami ART Studio. Can you imagine the patience the artist must have to make this?

Bolder in color is a handmade lampwork bead by Polychrome Beads. One could get lost staring into this bead ...

Next we have a one of a kind set of bracelet, necklace and earrings, bead embroidered by ARTUAL beaded jewelry ... at a fantastic price, I might add!
I'll only show the necklace here because it fits the lotus theme, but be sure to click the link, too!

Isn't this beautifully done? It's a giclee print of an original watercolor by Kauai Artist. I love how she caught the delicate colors of the flower and how you can imagine the depth of the leaf.

Last, but not least I found these lovely lotus earrings by Bijoutiful, made from recycled sterling silver. You can even choose if you want posts or hooks on these little beauties.

Maybe all these lotus flowers gave you a bit of peace and strength for the new week. May it be a good one for you!

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