Finds of the week - Bunny rabbits

This post is in honor of the craziest bunny who has ever resided in my home. Just for him I went "bunny browsing" on Zibbet.

Buster is sometimes just as much a puzzle to me as this bunny by Huebys Scroll Saw Art ;-)

He is just as cool and hip as this one by Streamline Design.

He is a true romantic at heart (ask Esme) like this rabbit by Shashamane Dream Photos although he'd probably have to bring a carrot.

Not just the little bunny by Intarsiaworks is adorable, Buster is, too (when not trying to eat my papery stuff!).

He's loved and someone is thinking of him as this rabbit from the shop of Mugquotes points out so well.

And I'm sure he'd love to be a ninja like these guys from Limeyts!


  1. Amazing how many different representations of rabbits there are! I have nominated you for the very Inspiring blogger award. No pressure either way. xx