Finds of the week - Lips

Okay, so I have been a bit obsessed with lips lately. Seriously though, they are really fun to make, just yesterday I finished a black and red one.

Today I don't want to show you the ones I made, however. Today the attention goes to Zibbet and there to other people's lips ;-)

How about these pillowcases by Sewlicitations?

Or maybe you like the sweet lollipop lips by Candied Cakes?

Protect your hands with kisses ... use hot pads from Mimi & Colette!

Kisses from China, and a cute little panda on top - the other kind of postcard from Balea Raitz art & illustrations (there are different countries, too!).

Last, but not least we have this necklace with a kissy resin pendant from Spanky Luvs Vintage.

Now did I inspire you to go and give a kiss to a loved one? ;-)

P.S. I can't resist. Red and black look so cool together, I need to share!