Finds of the week

Even if it's getting tiresome to hear or read - for me more than anyone else probably ;-) - I still haven't gotten rid of all the boxes around here after moving things around.
The cats are having fun with it and usually want to sit in the box I'm just working on, but I felt the need to remind myself how beautiful boxes can be.
Have fun with these examples that I found on Zibbet!

Are you an avid cook and look for just the right box to keep your collected recipes in? How about this beautiful box with moon, sun and stars, done in the pyrography technique by Breath of the Dragon?

If you like dragonflies, you might prefer this cute little box by Nanny's Treasures, though. I can imagine a little girl keeping her own treasures in there.

Now for something completely different - a glass treasure box by Steider Studios. Maybe I have seen snow for too long, but the bright and happy yellow color attracted me like a flower a bee!

I love wooden boxes and this one by Bespoke Boxes caught my eye with its unusual shape and the beautiful pattern of the wood in the lid. Isn't it gorgeous?

Another stunning combination of woods is found in this playing card box made of zebrawood and wenge by Bark Up A Tree. What a stylish way to keep your cards in!

It's back to my own boring cardboard shipping boxes now that I have to cut up without killing myself ;-) I hope you enjoyed the trip into "box land" as much as I did.


  1. Lovely collection! Thanks for including my celestial recipe box!