Finds of the week - Reindeer

Face it, Christmas IS creeping nearer, so expect my next posts to reflect that.

Let's start with a song.

Exactly, today's theme are reindeer (I might have been a bit inspired by the movie Pathfinder that I watched just recently), and I found a few real beauties.

It's not the first time that I stumbled upon Niftyknit's shop, but it always makes me smile. I wouldn't be surprised if you raised your eyebrow now. No, I'm not trying to pull your leg, I know this is a meerdeer, a reinkat ... heck, I don't know what it is, but it's cute!!

Rudolph the red nosed meerkat by Nifty Knits

The reindeer on this table runner seem to have a vintage feel to them which I absolutely love. When I saw the picture, it took my mind right to one of my favorite books ever - The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper - that I always read around Christmas time, too. It takes place in England and the characters move in time. Somehow I can imagine this piece on a table in the old castle.

Embroidered reindeer table runner by Embroidered Dreams

Do you know how to crochet? How about this pattern then? Such a cute Rudolph with his googly eyes!

Rudolph - crochet pattern by Erin's Toy Store

A-ha!!! Would you have suspected those two to have a job on the side? Well, now you know.

Primitive wood sign by Scaredy Cat Primitives

I love old books and old children's books are especially dear to my heart ... this print is beautiful, don't you think?

1914 Elsa Beskow Pochoir print "The reindeer snow ride" from the shop of Le Petit Poulailler

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