Finds of the week

Today I want you to meet my friend Susan. This time it won't be an interview, but I will show you some of her awesome pieces, they will speak for themselves.
I met Susan through the bead looming, but like so many crafty people Susan just won't stick with one technique to express herself.

Let's start with her dolls.

This doll is called "Autumn".
Just have a look at all those details, from her pointy ears to the expressive face. I'm a real fan of her outfit as well. I can just imagine her to go through the woods looking at the leaves changing color, lovingly touching a trunk here or there.

Seeing this doll brings back memories of my childhood. Flat in a meadow full of flowers, exchanging important thoughts with my best friend or watching insects busily running and flying around, studying details on flowers, taking in the beauties of nature - admittedly something I don't do enough by far these days.

Isn't this old man just great?
In the park between my old school and my old church is a little house called "Brunnenhäusle". We used to buy ice cream there when we were kids, and on each corner of the house was a tap where you could drink water for free which of course was great in the summer heat and which gave the name to the place that could be translated as "little fountain house" - we Swabians love our diminutive -le instead of -chen ;-)
I'm digressing again. There is also a chess board painted on the ground and old men (strangely enough I can only remember old men) could play chess there when the weather was nice. I bet this old man is on the way to the park to meet his friends, have a nice talk and maybe play some chess?

Ouch!! ;-) From their piercings I guess these little fellows are used to being pricked by pins. At least they are still smiling!

This beautiful lady can easily be recognized as the Winter in her flowing white gown with all the trimmings and her glittering wand.

This young lady is a bit different from the other ones. I can't even start to imagine what work must have gone into that gorgeous dress of hers. I wish I could tell you some more details about it, but the way it is we'll just have to stare and admire.

Now we'll leave the dolls and get to the bead looming instead. Are you ready for some more eye candy?

Two beautiful cuffs.

Do you remember Betty Boop? It's her gracing this needlecase being all sexy in her short dress.

Isn't this a great color combination for this pattern made by another one of my talented friends, Rebecca Blackwell? The puzzle pieces stand for Autism Awareness.

Susan made this wall hanging for our Art Deco challenge. Art Deco is one of my favorites and she captured it so beautifully in these clear lines. I love how she added the fiber to it.

This was undoubtedly one of the favorite pieces of us all in the group. The little accents make this piece, like the noses on the slippers, with the little whiskers, the steam coming out of the mug and of course the wild 3D bed hair!

Last but not least here we have Susan's steampunk cuff. I have to admit that I'm not as much of a steampunk fan as many of my friends out there, but this cuff appeals to me. I really love the color combination in the background, the muted colors, the vintage looking pattern, the fringe that fits so perfectly and the cleverly hidden crimps on the clasps (did you even notice?). I like that - although there are quite a few metal components on there - it doesn't look like too much.

Let me add that all descriptions were strictly my own. I hope I didn't say anything wrong and if I did, Susan will hopefully correct me, so I can change it.
Another hope of mine is that you had fun with this post. I know I had!!


  1. Wonderful blog post Cat! I love Susan's dolls and bead work and it was wonderful to see them again and read your descriptions.

  2. I am really impressed and so glad you shared Susan's work with us on your blog!

  3. Nice blog! I love seeing Susan's work all together like this...she does such wonderful stuff!! Very glad you sared this with us!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Susan's work, Cat. I've seen acoveted her weavings, but I didn't know about the dolls. They are wonderful!!