Saturday night ramblings

Ah ... a nice, quiet evening. With a drink and a quasi-almost-pseudo-healthy snack. Sounds good, doesn't it? That's what I thought.
The drink was easy. So was choosing the snack. To avoid the bell peppers in the fridge to go bad and start moaning like a zombie like the neglected cauliflower did, I decided to have them with a dip. The peppers are the healthy part, a sour cream dip the not quite so healthy one, but I was out of yogurt. Just a little of salt and pepper mixed into the cream and I'm a happy girl.
I opened the cabinet above the stove and got out the salt. Too bad that the bag with the peppercorns was leaning against it, and that "resealable" doesn't always work. You can guess it, down it came and there were peppercorns everywhere. Jumpy little buggers, the lot of them, they could have participated in the Olympics. They even had an audience in all of my cats who seemed to wonder what the old lady was doing this time. I bet they would have liked a snack to go with the show.
Finally I had found them all and was ready to go on with my simple dip. I put the salt back and grabbed the pepper mill. That's when the bag with the caraway went down. Can you say "resealable"? The bag couldn't. Someone remind me that I need to buy caraway the next time I go shopping. It was all over the place. I'm so glad there was no one to take a picture of me, I'm sure I looked like a big old idiot. So I started cleaning again. The audience had left, they seeemed to think it was getting a little embarrassing by now. That's why they missed when I put the pepper mill back and the bag with the loose tea came down. No worries, it was unopened .... but somehow it had managed to catch some of the caraway. That was the point where I started giggling uncontrollably. I mean, seriously, what are the odds?
You'll be pleased to hear that I'm enjoying my bell peppers and dip while I'm writing this post. To speak with a quote from one of my favorite movies "All is well". 

Now let's get to my latest in looming. Actually I have two things to tell.
Let me put on my white lab coat first and laugh in an incredibly evil way. Mwahahahaaaaaa!
The piece I finished today was inspired by my sister and two movies of my childhood (re-runs, I'm not that old). Who could resist giant ants making a cool sound and a giant tarantula? (Them! and Tarantula - and can anyone tell me why the DVD of "Them!" is still that incredibly expensive??)
I felt I needed to contribute to the myth, and what better to strike fear in people's hearts than a giant ladybug?? ;-) I had practised before on a large polymer clay ladybug and now it was time to put that into beads.
Are you afraid? Are you? Well, here it is, and hopefully it'll be in my shop soon as well.

For the second announcement I don't need my lab coat, just a second. There. Most of you might already know it, but I can't help it, I am just so happy to say that my "Carrot Thief" cuff has been chosen for display at the BEADERS BEST Bead Art Fair. I made this cuff last year and entered it after I had loomed for just a few months, so yes, I am excited about this!!

Ok, enough now. If you made it until the end of this post, thank you! ;-)

P.S. By the way, I just spilled sour cream dip on my t-shirt *multiple headdesks*

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