Finds of the week

Quite a while ago I got a pair of earrings at an auction on Tophatter, dangly drops made from citrine and apatite. A month later I still didn't have them, so I contacted the seller.
I'm a patient person and items have been known to take longer from the USA, but I myself like to know about delays as a seller. Why hasn't the customer left feedback or send a note that the item arrived? Didn't she like it? So I told her I'd wait some longer, but wanted her to know that they just hadn't arrived yet.
More time went by ... no earrings. I remember once sending a parcel to Australia and it arrived after amazing three months when we had already given up on it.
I contacted her again and she was very nice about it and told me she'd ship out a new pair and alas, about ten days later I had something in my mailbox.
Just imagine my surprise when about three weeks later I had a note from customs in my mailbox about a parcel from the USA. I hadn't ordered anything and I didn't really expect any gifts (although that would have been nice ;-)). So I went down there, totally clueless.
When the clerk brought the parcel, he was surprised at my reaction, a heartfelt "What the ....!" Yes, the earrings I had received were the first shipment, and these ones were the second one which had taken four weeks by the way. I wasn't sure what to do, but the clerk told me to just refuse taking the parcel and get them shipped back.
I went home and wrote an e-mail explaining the parcel would be travelling back with the nice wrapping, the sweet note thanking me for my patience and of course the lovely earrings.

I'm a sucker for good customer service.
Welcome Clarice Foster and let's have a look at her shop.

My absolute favorite is this set of earrings and necklace - and what a necklace this is!!

Turquoise waters

If you like it a little simpler, how about this necklace then? Classic pearls with a twist.

Pearls, sterling and amethyst necklace

I love iolite and I love dangles. These earrings have both!

Iolite earrings

Of course that's not all that Clarice has in her shop, go to Wholehearttrinkets and look for yourself.
Clarice also sells on Tophatter, a still pretty new auction site that people find to be very addictive, so you should look out for her jewelry there as well ;-)


  1. I love that top necklace, that is something my daughter would wear. I too sent a parcel to Australia and it took months! The postage to the USA is so hit and miss, some get there within a week, others take more than a month. Glad you got your parcel(s) eventually :O)


    1. You know the guy at customs told me that lately parcels have been known to arrive very fast from the US, but wander around in Germany for weeks?? I don't get it, that doesn't make any sense to me.