Finds of the week

Yesterday I let out that I like to watch cartoons. I also like to read them. I have no problems to make you listen to the story of "The Phantom of Notre Duck" which is one of my favorite Carl Barks Donald Duck stories.
I'll do Snoopy's happy dinner dance for you.
I refer to Gary Larson whenever possible.
If you don't know what an aglet is, I'll sing the Aglet Song from Phineas and Ferb to you. That's a word I'll never forget again.
You wonder what that has to do with my finds of the week? Well ... where's Perry? Perry is the pet platypus of Phineas and Ferb and he leads a double life as a secret agent. Perry's pretty cool, and that is why I went hunting for platypi ;-)
Have a look at the pictures, enjoy and click the links to get to the original listings.

Handmade silver platypus pendant by IJE Jewellery

Boro glass platypus pendant by Shepherd Creations

Platypus bride and groom cake topper by Tobbers

Platypus necklace by Stellanova Jewelry & Fine Art

Needle felted platypus by Nodsu

And last, but not least .... heeeeeeeeere's Perry! Yeah, well. As a handmade puppet.

Perry puppet by Luv My NF Boys

P.S. Here's a link for people who have no clue about platypi.

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