Finds of the week

I'll tell you a secret. I love cats. No secret, you mean?
Ok, let's try something else then. I can't seem to crochet a cat from wire and that bugs me. Three attempts have been tossed so far. On the other hand I'm not surprised. Cats have their own head. See, you didn't know that, did you?

There are artists who don't have problems with that in their line of art. Here are a few of them!

Pet portrait tabby watercolor by Pigatopia
Polymer clay cat brooch or magnet by Coloraudia

Grey tabby cat tote bag woven after original painting by Andy Mathis Art Co.

And this piece is just perfect for today. Today I went to the vet's with my Esmeralda for her checkup.
What a coincidence it was to stumble over this cat then!!

Esmeralda lifesize ceramic cat by Zsuzsa Ujj

I'm sorry, but that's it for today. Not only did I have a very long day, but my abilities and talents are needed elsewhere now ... believe it or not, I have been chosen to hold Ponder's butt, so he won't fall off this desk now! What an honor ...


  1. You like cats? Really? I would have never guessed ;)

    Great collection of cat art - the ceramic cat is breathtaking!

    1. I know, Cindy, it was a bit of a shock, wasn't it? Sorry ;-)

  2. I am more dog than mog! but, I did stumble across this fantastic artist on Ebay a few years back, her work is so stunning that if you are ever feeling down, look at her work and you will soon smile x


    1. To each his own, Laney! I am not a dog person meaning I couldn't ever have a dog myself, but that doesn't mean I don't like them ... and I'm sure there will be some dog finds eventually, too!

      Thanks for the link!!