Finds of the week

Monday again, it's unbelievable. How do those things happen? I'd rather have that Sunday feeling

... snuggled up in a beautiful blanket (not sure what color I'd choose, they are all so pretty) ...

Handwoven mohair blankets by Design Karin Lilja-Makkonen

... my head resting on a comfy pillow ...

Felted cushion by Odd and Woolly
... holding a mug (isn't it beautiful?) with some chai ...

Large ceramic mug by River Rock Arts

... maybe a covered hot-water bottle on my feet ...

Hot-water bottle cover by NOTON

... throwing cat toys for my furry masters ...

Grisly dismembered cat toys by Snugglebunnies

... but alas, it's Monday. At least I had fun putting this scenario together for you!


  1. ooo i love hand made mugs. they are so beautiful!
    lovely cozy collection, makes me think of sundays for certain!!

    1. I love mugs, too ... the bigger, the better!

  2. Great finds, Cat!

    Love the pillow. What I really want to know is how does one get the hot water bottle inside the cover?

    1. I hope to be able to answer that question in a future artist interview! ;-)

  3. With a little delay, thank you so much for including my hot-water bottle cover here, Catrin!
    And to answer to DawninCal, the hot-water bottle is put into the cover by the turtleneck, but the bottle has to be empty so it can be folded. Thank you so much for your interest :)