I actually managed to list something. Hard to believe? Not just for you!
You probably think I enjoy the last days of my vacation, hanging around in the sun, sipping drinks, flirting with goodlooking guys - wrong. I'm just flirting with my laptop, tweaking pictures and descriptions. I think it's taking so long because I'm becoming a little ocd about it, but oh well, I'm making progress and better times will come eventually.
Right now I'm neglecting everything, sorry to everyone who gets hit by that.

So here's my latest listing, Ring of Mist, made from fine silver wire, another stunning lampwork bead by Deronda Designs and tiny smoky quartz beads.

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  1. wow! i love your delicate work like this its fantastic ^^ and yes you should be off flirting and having a good time!
    not that theres any good looking men in england *cough* but its the thought that counts :D