Happy oranges

No, I am not talking about fruit! Although it's hard to get the thought of happy little dancing oranges out of my mind now. Sounds like a commercial ...
Before my mind totally gets lost, let's get to today's subject and the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog ring. I have skipped it a few times, shame on me!

This week's subject is orange.
Orange never really used to be my color because I can't wear it (although a friend always claimed the opposite). It sounds weird, but I felt orange more on my tongue than seeing it, a sweet flavor. That has changed because after starting to make jewelry I learned to look at colors differently. Orange can have a peachy rosy touch or it can look close to copper, it can remind you of a sunset or the colors of a forest in fall.

I took a little window shopping trip and brought you some of my favorite items made by Smooshers to look at. Enjoy!

How could I do a post without a cat? Impossible. You know the orange ones have their very own character, but they are sooo pretty, just like these earrings by Creative Critters.

You don't know the bunny butts yet? Check them out in the shop of Colt Pixy, they are so cute, no matter if in orange or a different color.

Beautiful, aren't they?


  1. I couldn't agree more, making jewelry and crafting in polymer clay really makes you see color in new ways, you have to. Love these polymer clay pieces from the Smooshers!

  2. I have been craving frozen orange push-ups since this theme started. Polymer clay is better, no calories =)

  3. Great post Cat! Thank you so much for including my cat earrings! I look at color differently now myself ;-)

  4. I have become more aware of colors as well, finding that I like ones that I used to shun. These oranges are wonderful...great selection! :)

  5. Great way of expressing the different tones!!! Nice selection! thank you for participating!