Spring unfurls her ribbon blue,
makes it stream in vernal breezes;
sweet, familiar fragrance pleases
with a touch the land anew.
Violets, dream-bound,
will be soon appearing,
- Hark, from far a silver harping sound!
Spring, it must be you!
You I have been hearing.

Translated by Bertram Kottmann

This is what Eduard Mörike, the Swabian poet, wrote in 1829. When I read that this week's blog ring subject for the Smooshers guild was "Pastels", this was the first thing I thought of.
I bet spring's ribbon is light blue, and when I think of the violets I don't see the bold, but the soft colored ones.
Pastels make me think of the soft-focus effect film makers used to make their heroines look soft and feminine (even if mostly in black and white then), they make me think of a soft breeze and romantic ballads.
I have no idea if that is stuck in my head from an early art lesson in school or if I am just cheesy by nature.

To save you from my rambling now, I'll show you some beautiful pastel pieces from members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers.

Heart pendant by Artsy Clay
Floral necklace by Life Art Designs
Flower fridge magnet by Sassy Clay Creations


  1. Wonderful post and a beautiful collection of pastels!

  2. How pretty! Thank you for featuring my pendant.