The train lady strikes again

Is it really so unusual nowadays for people to help others?
Let me tell you another one of my train "adventures" and please keep in mind that I don't intend to brag about being such a helpful little soul, but rather want to encourage others to take a moment and wonder what it's like to need help and not get it although it often would be so easy.

I walked to the train station and at the escalator there stood a lady with a cane and a big trolley and told me to go first. I asked her if she needed help and took her trolley so she could step on and off the escalator easier.
She met me again at the ticket machine and asked me if I could help her with buying a ticket. I know many people, older ones in particular, have a problem with these machines, so I let out her ticket. She happened to go to the same place as me, so I already expected to see her at the platform again.
And yes, there she was when I came there after buying my beloved ginger snacks and the yummy rice nachos with cheese that are so addictive ... oops, digressing, sorry - again, there she was. On the wrong side of the track. She had told me she had just been out of the eye clinic and couldn't see well yet, so she must have taken the wrong turn, to the side where you can't get on the train. I walked after her and took her to the right side (not the dark side ;-)).
Waiting for the train there she told me she had been released from hospital earlier than expected and couldn't even tell her daughter about it because she couldn't read the display on her cell phone. So I called a very surprised daughter telling her that her mother would be home today. I recruited a young man standing nearby to put the trolley on the train because I am not allowed to carry heavy stuff myself at the moment. And on arrival I recruited another passenger to lift the trolley out again, took her to the elevator that she hadn't known about yet, but which was much easier than the stairs of course, and said goodbye in front of the train station. I hope she caught her bus in time.

All that didn't cost me much energy, time or nerves, but she was so grateful that I really wondered if being helpful is a dying trait in today's society.
I sure hope not.

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  1. you did a great thing Catrin!! HUGS!! It's very much a dilemma really.... happens here sometimes when I tried to help elderlies they actually turned around and yelled at me!! But then it's really a matter of what I think it's right! I am glad that you helped her and if I was in her shoe I would have appreciated it as much as she is I am sure!!

    And no, it's not a dying trait. Yet at the same time being helpful had brought some irreversible consenquences for some, even death. I think some are just being more cautious now-a-days I guess..... quite sad how society is now isn't it??