Christmas - already??

My goodness, are we really that close to Christmas already? Today my coworker told me she already has bought my present weeks ago (that's what I called prepared!), the stores don't play Christmas music, but ginger bread is offered in abundance and we just put up the Halloween decorations at work yesterday!

But to be true, I am getting ready as well. I ordered some wire a while ago (from my favorite place) and just had to play with colors. I am not done yet!
The idea developed from my ball pendants and the baskets, it grew, the hooks became bigger, I needed more hooks, I played, tried and experimented and suddenly I had a Christmas ornament I was happy with.
This is just a part of all the colors available, I'll keep you up-to-date here when adding new colors or even combinations.

And now they were featured in this great treasury, Ornament time! Yay! Thanks, Cindy!!


  1. Gorgeous ornaments Cat! Wish I could crochet wire like that. They look awesome!

    I am a little nervous about how fast Christmas is sneaking up. As a creative person, there is so much more time needed to be prepared and this year I'm not sure where I'm going to get that extra time.

    One thing to remember is that it will come and go and whether or not you were ready for it, you will still be alive when it's over. So in the end, there really is no need to worry! (Easier said than done of course. But great in theory!) :-)

  2. Thanks Cindy - and we'll survive, I'm sure! ;-)