What a show-off I am!

I just had to share that I did it. I am not sure if it was the first time that I caught both the Treasury West and the main one.
As you know from my blog, I am a cancerian. I have always been drawn to the moon, especially the full moon. Once we were driving to work in the morning and there was a perigee. For those who don't know the word (I didn't know it before a forum friend used it, but now it has a magic sound to me), it means that the moon is very close to the Earth. It was so beautiful, I was wide awake although I am a night owl and therefore have my problems dealing with the world at 5 am.
This huge moon - I just couldn't take my eyes off it and felt like we would be driving directly into it within seconds. I don't think I ever had seen that being so conscious about it if at all. I know I'll never forget it.
Oops, am I digressing? I found this quote and I liked it a lot, so here are my choices to go with the quote and the thought behind it.
Shhh, I like the talisman best and I am thinking very hard about buying it. Look at this moon and look at this pretty witch. I wouldn't want to buy it yet, though, because it gives the treasury an extra kick I think. What to do, what to do ....

Before I forget it, click on the image to enlarge it and if you want to comment or have a closer look at single listings (stay away from the talisman!!), here you go - Aim for the moon.

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