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Speaking of news ticker, today I heard that Walter Cronkite has died at the age of 92. Being German I don't know very much about him except for him being mentioned as one of the great icons in the news business on a shop I love very much, "Murphy Brown".
I wondered if newspeople in times of Twitter, cell phones and email still can be as influential as some of them used to be, no matter in which country. Or even more now because they are faster? I don't know. I remember our old anchorpeople very well, but the recent ones ... uhm .....

Now to my own little news.

I have been featured in two treasuries of which one is very special for me. Michele (who makes wonderful jewelry by the way, check it out here) has been inspired by another team member who just took in two older dogs. One of my kitty pendants is in there and that really meant much to me and made me feel a little mushy. Don't know what it is, but these days I miss Merlin really bad. Funny how I just wrote that and immediately had a cat on my shoulder. They can read thoughts, I guess.
Here it is, Honoring our pets.

The second one is from Noah's Ark Collection. She makes beautiful and fun treasuries and it's always an honor to be featured in one of them. Want to be worn shows one of my first not mainly crochet pieces ever. Smokey quartz and sunstone, I still think it goes together well.

And now an update what I have been doing today. First I went shopping with brother and sister. WMF factory outlet once more, it is soooo dangerous for me there! Yes, I did buy a whole bag full of stuff and yes, I had to sneak into the Lindt outlet store as well and get some sweets. It is only around the corner, how could I resist?? Another bag full of stuff (not only for us, I am a friendly person and will take some of it to work). My purse started shrinking and turning into onion leather. I don't know if there is a similar expression in English, but a friend of mine says that about his wallet because "I start crying whenever I look inside". Afterwards we went to the drugstore and there I got the best deal of all. I bought three bottles of my favorite shampoo that seems to have been discontinued. I couldn't believe they still had the three bottles there and I might have growled when I picked them up to scare off any other possible customers.
But I did not just spend money today, I also did something useful and creative. After cooking dinner I took the crab agate that had arrived last week and squeezed it into a crochet bezel (not waiting for it already, but being made on the spot). It sure did put up a hard fight at times, but who am I to be defeated by a stone? I really like how it turned out. Safely caught and still you see almost the whole stone and the colors match as well.
This is the front side.

There are more small news. The eggs didn't hatch, but I heard some scratching from behind the armoire up here and a strange noise. Didn't sound like a bird at all. Be sure to stay tuned, I'll keep you up-to-date on this puzzle .....

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  1. Great! Lindt is probably my favorite chocolate brand! Sounds like you had a great day. I love the crocheted bezel you did for the fire agate. That technique looks like it would work well on my cabs too!