Picnic and a kitty

The advantages of a virtual picnic are - no ants, no rain, comfy seating. The disadvantages are the drool spots on your shirt from looking at yummy stuff and not being able to taste it.
As we don't have any sun here in the moment, I can live with the virtual picnic, though. Maybe you will enjoy it with me in this treasury that is called "Tea for two hundred" after my favorite Donald Duck animated cartoon. Check it out on YouTube for example. I love this duck!
Oh, and like always click the image to enlarge.

After you hopefully had a little fun with the treasury, have a look at my latest kitty head listing. I made some a while ago, but kept them for the local zoo project. Today I decided my ArtFire studio was definitely missing some more feline influence. He has a big ole tom head with big cheeks and reddish brown tiger eyes and seems like a pretty relaxed guy to me.
Unlike some other real kitty who thought it was fun to stuff his belly very fast and then throw it all up on the stairs, also very fast. I am happy to announce I did not step into it and the culprit - no, I won't say names - helped me cleaning it up in his unequaled way, wiping like crazy around the spot that already wasn't there any more. Can someone make little paw cloths for him? The way he runs around here the floors should sparkle all the time. Washable, please. Contact me for my address data ;-)

So here he is now *drum roll*


  1. That's a great necklace (I'm always in awe of good wirework!) And we have that same "eat too fast and come back up" problem around here, so I know exactly what you are talking about!

  2. The necklace pendant is so cute! cute cat in green color.