Trying something new

The greatest fun about crafting for me is to not do the same things again and again. Mind you, there is nothing wrong in doing things more than once (says the kitty head lady ;-)), but sometimes it's nice to experiment, to dare doing something you haven't before and if it works out, that is a great feeling. Sometimes a mistake leads to one of these experiments.
A friend of mine likes green. Bright green. I have been looking for the right kind of crystal, but never found the right green tone. Until now. So I happily headed home and started to crochet a setting right away. It was so frustrating! The crystal kept slipping out and I felt how I was getting more impatient by the minute, no, by the second.
I am a grown-up. I don't throw things. Or maybe I do. Rarely. Sometimes. I am proud to say I did not throw the crystal to the ground, but back into its bag. Now I had a setting started, what should I do with it? From there on it was relaxing. I strung some small faceted rubies and sapphires onto wire and fixed them to the setting. So now I had kind of a disk with stones in it. At first I left it at that. Then I put the disk on my finger. It looked like it should be on a ring, but how? I have never done that before. Wait, in some crazy outburst of optimism I had ordered some thicker gauge wire once. I'll spare you the whole story expect the fact that I really had fun. I didn't do this for a purpose, not for a gift, not for sale, not under time pressure, just for myself and I enjoyed it.
I don't know if I will be able to do something like this again, maybe if I go back to working on the jinxed green crystal .......

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