Say Hello to Mr. Fish

You have already seen a bunch of kitties and a bunny, but today please welcome Mr. Greenfish.

Mr. Greenfish was not easily born. Actually he had a predecessor that I had to flush down the toilet. Figuratively speaking. Experienced fisherman that the tall guy is he didn't give him any chances to survive. His fins were placed wrong, he had a very short head and - how I noticed myself then - no mouth. Don't worry, he didn't have to suffer.
Mr. Greenfish is looking much healthier, I hope you'll think so, too. It did take some labor, though.

You want to know why I stepped into the water now? I am trying to set up a little zoo. To offer at our little local zoo, with part of the earnings going to our club.
You can check out the website, it's listed on the side, but it's in German. Of course I can translate it if you are interested. It's not very up-to-date, we are waiting for the update at the moment, hopefully not too long anymore.

I have no ideas what else I may come up with. I am just trying things, they either survive like Mr. Greenfish or they ... *sniff* too sad, but you know what I mean.

Today it's so humid and damp here, I'll go outside now to get a little better air and take something to work on with me. Stay tuned!

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