I'm alive, I'm alive

You remember Peppermint Patty from the Peanuts? "I'm awake, I'm awake!"
I wasn't very awake the last days, but very busy.
Like always I experimented a little with ring pendants. Sterling silver rings crocheted in with silver wire and different beads. After a gal from my forum confirmed the idea that had been sleeping in some dusty area of my brain, that is to put a stone in the middle, AND offered some ideas how to put said stone there, I tried to put that into reality.
Oh well, so the stone turned into a handmade clef and the beads around are missing because I felt they would be too much. I still like it :-)

This is another one of my "great" night pictures, sorry, but it's difficult for a night owl!


  1. Cat, I really like your creations, and I've lurked a bit here and like what you're doing with your blog, too. I was honored with an award, and thought I would pass it on to someone whose work I admired from afar. If you would like to receive this award and share it with others, you can pick it up at my blog: http://dominodebi.typepad.com/sos/. (I understand these things are seen as a pain by some people, but it's my way of directing a little traffic to your blog.) Have a terrific day, and thanks for sharing all your pretty, pretty eye candy!

  2. Thanks Deborah, as you may see I already reacted (thanks for giving me a posting idea for today as well :-D), a terrific day to you, too!