Kitty in distress

When I came home today the first thing I did as usual was counting my cats. One, two, three ... where are the black devils?? The same moment I heard a desperate meow from upstairs. Ponder, of course, who else could have managed (again!) to get locked behind one of the few doors that are closed to him. Seems someone from the family had dropped off something and didn't notice the little black panther sneaking in. I wonder how long he had to wait there all alone. Am I making fun of him? Never! ;-) When I opened the forbidden door there he was, yowling his little heart out, so confused that he didn't even see that the door was open now. I had to carry him out while he told me about his cruel fate. He's very talkative anyway, but this was absolutely hilarious. I filled the bowls, but he didn't have time to eat, he had a tale to tell first. Finally he followed me to get some hugs and comfort, as seen in the picture.
Now he's sitting beside me, purring and looking cute, but he can't deceive me. I will pack some things now and he is sure to "help" me ....
I hope afterwards I will have a little time for me and my creativity until the tall guy arrives and wants to be fed, too ...

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